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'Very Italian .... and more'
The Pisconeri Family are amongst the pioneers of the Western Australian food service industry. Two brothers Nicola and Giuseppe made it their business to bring the best of Italy to Perth. Nicola's experience had been shaped several years before when he served as a quartermaster during what has come to be referred to the Italian ¬Ethiopian war in 1936. Part of his responsibility was to harvest and roast coffee picked from the wild stands of Arabica in the Ethiopian highlands. It was following his experiences in this conflict that he emigrated to Australia, and (luckily) avoiding internment during the Second World War for his skills as a mechanic and welder that laid the foundations for his future plans. Guiseppe as well had his gastronomic military adventures, serving as a cook in the Marina Militare (Italian Navy) at a Venetian naval base before moving to join his brother in Australia.

Having its early beginnings in 1951 as a grocery and delicatessen in Northbridge and importing their own produce, from wheels of fragrant Reggiano cheese to syrupy aged balsamic vinegars in wooden casks. Coffee roasting and ice-cream making equipment soon followed. The massive influx of Italian and Greek migrants created many opportunities for the Pisq;meri brothers, being able to provide the kind of foods many of the eager Europeans thought they had left behind in a shattered Europe. Surprisingly (to the brothers at least) many of the original customers were ex¬servicemen who had acquired a taste for espresso during the North African and Italian campaigns of World War 2.

Today Pisconeri is still a family run business with the same personal attention to customer service as 50 years ago and their commitment to importing the highest quality foods, wines, coffees and mineral waters from Europe and the world is as
strong as ever.

"Quality and service are the two most important areas in a business like ours" says Albert Pisconeri, director and son of one of the founders Giuseppe Pisconeri. "We have been in business for over 50 years, and if we want to be in for another 50, we have to keep that commitment"

Importing some of the finest food product's available such as Appia and San Benedetto mineral waters, Nastro Azzuro beer, Divella pasta, RIO tomato products as well as different kinds of scarce seasonal produce such as Porcini mushrooms and less frequently - Black Truffles. In addition to gourmet foods, Pisconeri also carries a large range of coffee machines from small domestic and robust semi - commercial machines to 3 and 4 groups looking more like small aircraft engines. Also at home at Pisconeri are the more everyday provisions such as mixers, utensils, cleaning goods. Products that aren't exciting but fuel the engine room of busy bars and kitchens everywhere.
Pisconeri's home is in Mt Hawthorn, and being a family owned company we realise that the most important part of our business is our clients.